Laverne Cox, Keynote address, Creating Change 2014

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>potentially cool WoC in latest Doctor Who 
>has the power to shapeshift into white people

… do they even think these things through?

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doctor who: moffat era + the worst muse 

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How much you want to bet she had no idea what was going on and was just like “What are these crazy things in Mommys head”

Can I just share a story about this doe.

I look like a witch. Or some sort of weird fairy, the scarier kind like Mally. It’s kind of a stylistic choice, but also I’m pale, have strong cheekbones, slightly odd shaped eyes with diagonal brows, a slightly pointed chin and scraggly black hair. I’m also tall which makes me stand out, my mannerisms and posture also make me look somewhat eccentric, sometimes even theatrical. I’m a general oddball too. Basically I’m the sort of person you might think kids would be a bit ehhhh about. I used to not like kids, because most of us go through that phase. Plus I never believed they’d ever actually like me.

When I was in the Disney store a few months back I was looking at stuff they had out for Maleficent, which as it turns out wasn’t much. Which sucks because I wouldn’t have minded a decent PVC of this version of Maleficent. However, they did have a regular maleficent plush out.

When I was looking at them, a little girl in front of me took the plush, looked at me, held it up then went up on her tippie toes to kiss it’s forehead and smiled. It was the most adorbs thing. And then I realised - shit - if they’re making people sympathise with her like that, maybe it’s helping kids to learn that apparently scary isn’t bad? Maybe kids can love me in all my oddity? What if it’s an asset?

I think a lot of kids already realise that though - kids tend to like me. I was just looking after a whole bunch of kids from a refugee asylum and they just crowd around me like I’m some sort of fairy godmother. I love the interpretation of witchy types as being motherly, because it holds some truth in reality. Village wisewomen, clued into mysterious ways others might not be, which can be a help looking after little ones who are all off in their own little worlds.

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44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

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I hate when people use the term POC its makes me so angry

PoC isn’t a fucking tumblr term the fuck is wrong with these people


im pretty…

i know my history i just dont like poc its a dumb term that separates whites from every other ethnicity

actually whites have done a pretty fantastic job elevating themselves over every other ethnicity without using that word. it’s sort of the point.

It’s really a problem when we come up with these terms to identify how to address an issue(cisgender being another one) and people start acting like they’re somehow creating the division that already exists.

things don’t get better by never talking about them and it’s fine to distinct things. that’s not what oppression means. it’s not about ignoring difference, it’s accepting it, accepting the reality that non-whites tend to be more marginalised and that we need to do something about it. 

while not every individual likes it, these terms have become standard in discussing these issues online. it’s not white tumblr girls enforcing these(though apologies for butting in) i’ve seen then used more often by people who identify as poc who are not white.

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July 28th, 2014: Out and about in New York City

How problematic

im gonna fuckin throw up

Okay, okay calm down, people.

While you are all losing your mind over ‘cultural appropriation” of an Indian dress, nobody actually consulted THE INDIANS. 

In our country, if a foreigner wears an Indian saree, we actually appreciate it. It shows that the foreigner respects us enough to try our clothes. And the saree, mind you, is not a religious thing. Hindus can wear sarees, Muslims can wear sarees, Sikh’s can wear sarees, Jain’s can wear sarees and so on.

Like Americans have short dresses, compare that with sarees. Going to a party? Saree. Going to temple? Saree, and so on.

Some Indians wear it, some don’t. Some hate it and think its oppressing, some love embracing the unique style.

Point is, don’t hate on her for wearing this. Don’t hate on anyone for wearing sarees or any variations of sarees. We love to see others embracing our culture. Why do you think we open our gates to allow everyone to practice yoga and find spiritual meaning?

Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread.

I did not know this. That is really interesting to find out. Thanks for the information.

"Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread."

just to point out that this is the view of one person. This is a lot like the people reposting Kyary Pamyu Pamyu saying it’s okay to keep wearing a Kimono - she isn’t a spokesperson for her whole culture. there is a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange. she isn’t just wearing a saree, she is fully dressing up “as an indian woman”. the problem with the idea of sharing culture is that far too often white colonialists steal culture and oppress those originally practising it - for example it’s more acceptable to see a white woman wearing “Gypsy” clothes than it is an actual Romani woman, who would have extra pressure to fit in to be accepted.

It happens a lot, if you listen to how PoC feel and not just the ones that are convenient to listen to. Yes, culture should be shared, and shouldn’t be static, and tumblr does occasionally fail to get this. But in general, it is “problematic” when people don other cultures as a costume they can take on and off, whereas others have to face discrimination day in day out. an actual Indian woman wearing this would not be seen as “bold” or fashionable, but being stereotypical and refusing to get with the times(i.e. western culture). 

Colonialism has a lot to answer for and the west(esp. Britain) has a lot history of exorcising everything Indian, while occupying India itself for much of the British Empire’s history. Because white westerners have in some cases literally tried(or perhaps even succeeded) in wiping out ethnic groups, it becomes particularly frustrating for minorities that white people continue to believe that everything that belongs to them, belongs to white people as well. Since I’m white I can’t fully relate this, but being Irish we also have a lot history of persecution and appropriation, and american caricatures of Irish culture made me hate being Irish when i was younger.

It figures into the othering, exoticisation and objectification of other peoples and cultures that they’re just seen as little more than clothing store mannequins for you to pull an outfit off. the people doing this rarely understand or respect the culture. it’s not sharing, it’s stealing. yes, it’s good to take influences from other cultures as to some degree imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery - but some times it’s just theft, too. Don’t forget that certain items of jewellery or what are seen as “Accessories” to white women - the Bindi being one example, and native war bonnets - have significant and often spiritual meanings within their culture. It IS disrespectful in many cases to simply adopt these so you can feel more fashionable or “exotic”. One thing to consider: Would you wear this around a member of that ethnic group? How about a whole group of them?

There are valid reasons for people to raise concern with this. People should listen to people from different cultures telling you why this isn’t okay instead of looking for the one person who will tell you it is, who is probably just looking to be accept amidst a society they know will label them a naysayer and troublemaker for trying to repossess their own culture.

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» Women do not have to:



  • be thin
  • give birth
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • have sex with you
  • be feminine
  • be graceful
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • be the media’s idea of perfection
  • listen to your bullshit
  • have a vagina

This is very true, but it’s important to remember that if a woman is feminine, graceful, shaves, diets, wears make up, or does any of these things in the list, it doesn’t make her a slave to patriarchy or any less of a feminist than you.


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